The Book Of Innovation – The book of innovation


  • Personal portfolio
  • Access to projects from companies globally
  • Trendspotting on a global platform
  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Access to a future global network
  • Brand yourself worldwide


  • Access to inspiration from students globally
  • Get innovative solutions to your projects
  • Flexible development ressources
  • Find your next employee
  • Brand your company to students
  • Easy access to extended knowhow


  • Use real life projects in educations
  • Brand your school to students globally
  • Access to global network of companies
  • Increase your student’s engagement
  • Inspiration for teachers
  • Brand your students towards companies


   We would like to welcome the company DYMAK to IMPARIUM.COM   We would like to welcome the company FOHLMANN.COMMERCIAL to IMPARIUM.COM   We would like to welcome the wine company MICHAELVIN.DK - By CEO Michael Skovsby Jensen   Now IMPARIUM.COM has students signed up from following countries around the world: Denmark, Thailand, USA, Germany, France, Lithuania and Canada.   IMPARIUM will soon launch a completely new concept with a temporary function that we call TEMP.   IMPARIUM.COM would like to thank all our newly registered users!