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When you first start your business, it can easily be that you haven’t
got a huge amount of means for marketing. But there is nothing in the
world that is free. Nor is it our solution, but for cheap money you can
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The students are very aware of new businesses on We can
see that new companies get many visits. But companies that post projects
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When a company posts a project at the portal, we can see that many
students read it. It means that your company gets marketing on several
levels. Maybe the student ends up in your company, but it could also be
that they end up in a business where your products are needed. Therefore
you are already in the process of a possible sale to the students who
has a positive view of yours company and products. Has the student
participated in a solution to a challenge in your company, then there is
even more positive to pick up and last but not least, if you have
selected a student’s work as one of the solutions, then the student will
carry your companies name on their resumé, to get seen every time they
apply for new jobs.

The research has done in relation to the companies, witch
post jobs on the portal, has shown a positive response from students,
even if they are not part of the professional group. Therefor it is
positive marketing to use our job portal actively because the
students get to know your company and your products.

If you are actively working to market yourself worldwide, then it makes
a huge difference if people have seen your company’s name many times in
relation to something positive. Students perceive as an
organization that works positively for them and therefore it becomes a
force for your company to have a profile and use active. calls it a win – win situation for all parties, because our
values are supported in that we want to help students to become better
academically through motivation, work on real projects for companies and
at the same time earn money on their way through the educational system,
but meanwhile companies can be seen and heard by a unique audience for a
small fee.

We look forward to see your company at, participating in
the development of new talents in schools worldwide.