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Information for schools

Welcome to – the new way of marketing your school online.

Through our web portal you can create a profile for your school, faculty or institution for students, where you can present and promote your fields of studies, teachers, student environment etc. Furthermore your school, faculty or institution is able to generate international networks with other schools and businesses in an easy manner and possibly recruit new students or exchange students.

Therefore encourages schools, faculties and institutions to present themselves to students by focusing on main focus of studies, teachers, student environment, city/area, politics, credentials etc.

When you register your school, faculty or institution, you receive a login and are now able to present and market yourselves and your students.

If students want to study in another country, state or region, gives them the tool to easily find universities, academies, faculties and schools.

The presentation of the students’ professional skills is done by them uploading projects on their profile. Projects can be presented with pictures, films, text or sounds. On a professional scale the student categorizes each project with specific branch related terminology. Thereby it will be easy for other students to find them, as well as it is easy for businesses to locate the skills they require.

Collaborating with other students regardless of borders or branches is also possible. Students have the opportunity of posting new assignments on, to collaborate with students with other skills, thereby optimizing their work.

Thus, students collaborating can innovate and break down the barriers of borders and branches to create something completely new. makes this possible, because the ideas among students are easy to share, as sources of inspiration are close at hand. Collaborating on assignments, students will gain a potential worldwide network with the kind of people they are likely to meet in their professional life after they graduate.

The school’s students get first access to Imparium.coms job database, when the student has 6 months left on his education and therefore will not help to recruit your students away from their studies, but hopefully help to give them a good start to their career after their studies.