The Book Of Innovation

Få løst dine problemstillinger af studerende fra hele verden

Get your challenges resolved by students from all around the world

When a topic like competence development can pay off at all to work
with, it is because this, as well as the ability to be creative and
create new, is crucial. The constant change that the whole world is
experiencing, requires continued development and is linked to innovation
and education. has created a portal and a universe where
motivation and ability within the individual student and the business
community helps to create new ideas that are crucial to the development
of society.

The future is creative’s main point is that everyone agrees that creativity and
innovation is important, but few are working to create the necessary
space for the creative processes. is the place where
students, schools and companies can collaborate across professional and
national boundaries. Through this, new creative spaces will emerge that
have not been seen before because the creative process is being taken
seriously and finally new ideas can turn into new practices or products.

The creative space
The companies get a direct access to study environments and insight
into, what is going on in the underground environments. You as a company
can spot new talents and can use the portal proactively in relation to
product development and marketing. Schools are given a tool to
market themselves, their students and exchange students, assignments and
teachers with other schools around the world.

The students get salary for their work’s basic idea is that students get paid for their work
whether it’s an analysis, marketing, web development or product
development because it has a value to your business. Therefor students
should be rewarded for their work. has set a minimum price
for a student’s work to 100 € and there is no limit on the payment. When
the student is paid, the company owns the product 100%, whether it is a
new product, a report, an analysis, a website, etc.

If your company need a student for a more complicated process, you can
use’s job portal where you can set up a project as a
student job or an internship.

What’s in it for you as a company?
• You get access to a cheap development department, which is open all
year round.
• There are students around the world who have the knowledge you need
for which can be used in the future operation of your company.
• You get access to a lot of very, different knowledge that you might
not even have thought of or perhaps imagined.

We look forward seeing your company at, participating in
the development of the new talents in schools worldwide.