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Info for Companies

Information for companies

Welcome to – the new way to get a glimpse into underground environment of students.

Through our web portal, you get a company profile, which students and schools can search and see. Your company is able to create international networking with students and schools in an easy manner. It is also possible to recruit new employees or have problems solved by students through encourage students from around the world to introduce themselves by focusing on professionalism, past experience, etc. providing you with a basis to begin a collaboration with one or more students. The presentation of the students’ academic skills is done by uploading projects onto the students profiles. Projects are presented with images, text and/or sound.

On a professional level, the students categorize a specific industry-related terminology, which makes it easy for you to find the projects or study countries that match your business area.

Cooperation between companies and students, regardless of borders or industry is also possible. Students have access to a project bank at This give companies the opportunity of utilizing the qualities of the students, by uploading project description to the portal.

When you register, you will receive a login that can be used to explore the creative students’ projects. will offer workshops, exhibitions, education, trend reports, magazines and more. This will be regularly informed via a newsletter. It is therefore important to always have the right contact in our system. Once you have registered your company on, you will receive newsletters informing you of new and exciting features. It is therefore important to always update your company’s contact person in our system.

On suspicion of cheating or otherwise unlawful use, your profile will frozen, to pending further investigation is carried out.

As a paying company you can get the opportunity to search the students ‘projects, see the students’ profiles and leak projects and job postings for students from all over. This costs only 1000 euros per year

As a non-paying company you can have the opportunity to add projects and job listings to students from all over. but you cannot search projects and cannot see the students’ profiles.

We are looking forward to working with you!