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We focus on the potential of networking on a new level. On a basis were you can find inspiration to develop your skills further and get a worldwide network with the people you are likely to meet in your professional life after you graduate. The contacts you generate through are likely to become future colleagues or collaborators.

As a creative student you are often faced with competing with the establishment. By signing up to you are in a space were you can be yourself, and present your skills to the world. Your résumé is the projects you upload.

The more precise you can define your projects the easier it will be for a likeminded fellow student or businesses to get in touch with you.

Can I sign up right away?

To have a profile on we need a documentation of you being a student.

Hence, your school or university has to register at Once registered, you will receive a login and password from your school.

My Projects

The category “Project Management” is where you can present what you have been working with in the past and the projects you are working on now. If you already have an idea of what use there could be for the project, you can categorize it. Businesses have access to your projects, and have the possibility of making you a job offer based on your work.


If you need to optimize an assignment with some input from students with experience from asimilar or a different branch, you can get in touch with them by posting an assignment. You can also send them a message inviting them to collaborate on an assignment with you, based on the information in their profile.

Examples of collaborations:

An example: A student working with computer games development needs background music, inspiration to clothes and text.

Through posting a presentation of the project, you can ask for students who have experience with writing music with a middle-aged theme, a text writer who knows Celtic along with other tasks, among students around the world.