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Study Music Project 4: Get Organized

This is the complete Study Music Project 4: Get Organized album on YOUTUBE! Use it to enhance your studies! Please subscribe and tell your friends about the Study Music Project!

“Get Organized” Album Playlist:
1. Aurora Sky 00:00:00
2. Ballad in Autumn 08:52
3. Caramel Macchiato 00:15:12
4. Dear Diary 00:23:59
5. Evening Epiphany 00:33:14
6. Flight 302 00:37:08
7. Glass Palace 00:43:03
8. Harmony Echo 00:48:34
9. Imaginasia 00:54:46
10. Just in a Memory 00:59:35
11. Knight’s Dream 01:06:08
12. Love for You 01:11:46

As you can see..the songs were actually composed IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER, in the spirit of getting organized. The songs on this album encompasses the music that I have written in my first two years of medical residency, AFTER I graduated from medical school.

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