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Dalum Landbrugsskole
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School info
Dalum Agricultural School was founded in the autumn of 1862 by the famous college man Christen Kold, who together with Grundtvig developed the Danish high school. Today, people from all over the world come to see Kold's historic premises, which today include is the school's beautiful Hearing Room.

Dalum Agricultural School was founded on July 5, 1886, and on November 4, 1886, welcomed the first 32 pupils.

As a summary conclusion to the Dalum Agricultural School's business over the past hundred years, the school's first principal is Jørgen Petersen's choice language: "Never finished - but always on the way". This is still the motto of the school.

For more than 130 years there has been exclusively agricultural education at Dalum, and today Dalum is one of the country's largest agricultural schools. In 2003, Dalum and Corinth merged agricultural schools; but the division of labor has continued so that there is basic education at the Corinth branch and higher education at the Odense department.

There is an extensive course and conference business with participants from all over the world.

Corinth Agricultural School started in 1907 and over the years has been one of the country's most recognized agricultural schools in the field of operations management education.

From 1972, Corinth concentrated on basic education in agriculture and is today the country's only school department that has this specialty.

At Corinth we welcome you to a place where you can develop not only your professional skills, but also your personal pages - e.g. being able to work with others, be creative and think new, learn how to organize etc.

We believe that the personal pages of the future will be as valuable as the professional ones, as the world will be constantly evolving and changing.

We therefore welcome you to an exciting experience where you will also develop yourself.

At Dalum Agricultural School in Odense, we look forward to you as a new student becoming part of the study and school environment.

In the Odense department, the study environment is designed for adult students in higher education. The teacher group is large and specialized. There are newly built study areas and equipment for all kinds of teaching and project work. The school's position is that the responsibility for the study environment as well as for the well-being of the students lies with the students with all the support and back-up from teachers and the school that can be desired. Therefore: You yourself become the most important factor in getting a really good study stay.

We would also like to welcome you to a study environment where you can develop not only your professional skills but also your personal - e.g. collaboration, creativity, innovation, organization, social skills, etc. We believe that personal skills in the future will be as valuable as professional ones, as the world will be constantly evolving and changing.

From the first day you arrive at Dalum, you will be introduced to the things that are already going on. For example:

Collaboration with other educational institutions, both nationally and internationally - e.g. for travel and projects

The cafe with both relaxing, serious and professional activities as well as parties

DLI - Dalum Agricultural School Sports Association
Out-of-house activities

Walking communities - also for the homeless
Hunting Association

You choose according to your interest and the time you can spend on it. Maybe you want to organize something new?

We therefore welcome you to an exciting and personality-developing experience.

Welcome - we look forward to meeting you!