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Boldklubben B1913
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A club focusing on the individual's development

Boldklubben 1913 (or B 1913) is a Danish football club based in Odense. The club plays today in the Danish series, but in the 1960s and 1970s had longer periods when the club played in the best Danish series, 1st Division. The club won the 1963 Cup.

B 1913 was founded on November 2, 1913. One autumn day in October 1913, some young people watched a tournament match between OB and B.1909 on the track in Munkemose. During the match, the idea of ​​starting another football club in Odense was fostered.

Our goal is to develop football players while having fun and good time together. This naturally leads to another objective, which states that we must also develop our club, a club with room for everyone.

B1913 has many proud traditions and behind them hides among other things. the foundation for several national team players. Our vision then is that we want to develop elite players, but at the same time also be oriented to the football of football, among other things. because football is as healthy a sport as it once is and gives the players, young and old, a good social network and some great experiences with all the friends.

Our coaching staff is very well qualified. All of our coaches are either trained or in training. We want to give our football players the best possible foundation so that we can match other clubs. The players are divided by level, but with the opportunity to advance between the teams. A player who develops positively may get a place on a better positioned team.