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Østerbæksvej 90
Odense M
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HCAPLUS + / Blu/Men is a Funen wholesale Trading Company that delivers directly fresh hand-bound bouquets, plantings, for example Super Brugser, Menu, Daglig Brugser, Spar Merchants, Løvbjerg and a number of other customers in Funen.

We do this according to pre-booking, where we contact the store Monday / Tuesday and then deliver Thursday or Friday for the weekend's big sale.

In addition to this, we bring plants and flowers that can be pre-ordered or just goods that we carry on the car and which can be purchased directly from the car. In this way, as a store responsible for flowers, you can buy exactly what you expect and without "burning in" with forced supplies.

This may be the chance to have a "thriving business". We can make everything in flowers and green and can of course also complement the other days.

In addition, we run a small flower shop in the daily called BluMen, which is located at Østerbæksvej 90 just opposite Munkebjerg church. From here, beautiful hand-bound bouquets and plantations are sold, as well as grave decorations, bow bouquets and coffin decorations if apartment bouquets and the like also after pre-booking.

You are always welcome to contact us.

Gitte and John "Curly" Nielsen