The Book Of Innovation

How to thrive in 2019

The Project Proposals should contain the following:

1) Cover Sheet 
In all cases the Cover Sheet should be signed by an authorised official of the
organisation which will administer and be held accountable for the grant
funds. The project title should be short and descriptive.

2) Table of Contents
Please include a table of contents listing the contents of your submission as
well as the attachments that you wish to be considered.

3) Executive Summary
The Executive Summary is a short, precise summary of your project proposal.
Please ensure to include a brief outline of your project description and how
your project contributes to the achievement of national development.

4) Organisation 
Please describe your organisation and address each of the points below:

  • Mission, goals and mandate for your organisation 
  • Structure of organisation
  • Ownership of the Organisation
  • Partners for this project and their role in the project
  • Institutions impacted
  • Impact on the non-university Tertiary Education sector Impact on National Development

5) Project Description
Please describe the need for the project and how the proposal was developed.
Explain why the project is being proposed, how it relates to indicator
achievement and how it is innovative. If the project is proposed by more than
one organisation, or will involve more than one organisation in the
implementation process, please explain the nature of the partnership required.

Overall Purpose/objective of the Project
The description of the purpose of the proposed project should be directly
related to the priorities outlined in the EDF Sector Policy Support Programme
Indicators, and should be as clear, concise and focused as possible. It should
include the project’s purpose, goals, specific objectives, method, and
anticipated impact.

Objectives need to be stated in measurable terms and be specific and
consistent with the statement of need and the purpose of the proposed project.
Objectives should be formulated as a clear statement of what is expected to be
achieved through project implementation. These expected “outcomes”
should be measurable and conceptually related to the objectives and goals of
the Sector Policy Support Programme and the Goals outlined in MediumTerm Policy Framework. Describe the activities that will comprise project implementation.

6) Project Work Plan
This section of the proposal should present the detailed work plan for the
project. This should cover how the project objectives will be accomplished,
what outcomes will be produced, what needs to be done and by whom, how
the work will be organised, within what time frame, and how the outcomes of
the project will be monitored and reports supplied to the EDF Steering
Committee. Provide a schedule of work outlining the project’s objectives,
strategies, outcomes, main tasks and timelines. The use of a project log frame
may prove to be useful.

7) Human Resources
Please describe how and by whom the proposed project will be managed and
executed and identify how the knowledge, skills and abilities required for
implementation will be met.

8) Project Site (Geographic, Physical, Virtual, other)
Please describe the proposed project site to be used and the criteria for its
selection (if applicable).

9) Project Monitoring (Progress Reporting)
This section should contain a description of how the organisation will monitor
the progress and the outcomes of the project and its contribution to indicator

10) Proposed Budget
Your proposal should include a detailed Budget Justification explaining an
estimate for each line item.

If applicable, support from collaborating agencies and other funding sources
that contribute directly to the project should be itemised in the budget by
source, amount and duration.

11) Attachments
There is no limit to the number of pages allowed for the attachments,
documentation from other funding agencies, letters of agreements with
partners for the project, letters of support from other community groups or
organisations. You may also forward copies of other materials that may assist
the Project Selection Committee in considering your application.