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Perhaps now you simply need monthly service to reconcile and close your books–but you may need comprehensive daily services down the road. Instead of having to manage a major transfer from a single part-time in house bookkeeper to an outsourced accounting service later, start with a service that can handle all of your needs now and later. At Zeni, we combine the most advanced bookkeeping technology as an outsourced service for startup founders looking to lift the weight of company bookkeeping off their shoulders. We provide bookkeeping services with add-ons, including tax preparation and all-inclusive CFO services for startups. Bookkeeping entails tracking, recording, and organizing all financial records for the company. Bookkeepers are responsible for various tasks, including recording transactions, preparing financial statements, managing accounts payable vs receivable, and tax preparation.

Building up business credit to the point where creditors no longer seek to put officers personally on the hook for credit card debt takes years of strategic borrowing and timely repayments. Your accountant can help you manage your finances to reach that goal. In Saas, income is generated from subscriptions rather than one-off sales. Because of this, there are deferred revenue components that you have to include in your financial reports to boost your profile with investors or banks. This requires accrual accounting rather than the simple cash-basis. A qualified accountant can help you make calculations that maximize the value and attractiveness of your business.

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As a nascent big business, you’re likely going to want an accounting software solution that will be able to scale with your business. For this reason, some startups choose to adopt enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. A startup accountant can help you organize these obligations, so you can better plan for future growth. Issuing company credit cards can be a risky endeavor for a startup. With a constantly shifting financial position, it’s easy for team members to get carried away with company purchases whether it’s for equipment or business travel expenses. An accountant can help you develop best practices for managing company credit cards.

  • From pre-seed to Series C, no one knows startups better—it’s why we’re the largest startup accounting firm in the US.
  • When she’s not trying out the latest tech or travel blogging with her family, you can find her curling up with a good novel.
  • Sustaining your incoming cash flow is essential to keeping your startup afloat.
  • The proprietary software also includes built-in accounting features like invoicing, bank connections, receipt storage and mileage tracking.
  • But that experience helps our team go beyond simple, outsourced bookkeeping, and offer financial advice and due diligence help that other accounting firms can not match.

Accrual basis accounting counts money and expenses when it is earned instead of received. This type of accounting is more involved but will give you a clearer outlook of the business’s future picture. Our account management team is staffed by CPAs and accountants who have, on average, 11 years of experience. We generally recommend that businesses move away from spreadsheets and into an accounting software as soon as possible. You may initiate a chat with us using the chat bot on our website anytime. Alternatively, you may reach us through email service and our customer service hotline.

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Collectively, we have decades of experience to offer you the best insight for the years ahead. We respond fast and work round the clock, even during weekends, nights and holidays. We can get you caught up on your books and file your taxes for as low as $500. For Private Limited companies, we can provide a company secretary and cover your annual AGM filing with our CS Lite service for just $300/year. We provide the expertise, resources, and infrastructure upon which founders and executive teams can grow strong, healthy companies.

  • We feel honored to be a part of making the world a better place, even if it’s one debit and credit at a time.
  • Cash basis will track income when it is received and expenses when they payout.
  • This probably involves categorizing the “transaction” in a way that makes sense, say a payment to your payroll provider as a payroll expense.
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  • An outsourced bookkeeper can adjust to your needs and response to your requests quickly and effectively.

Our team is trained to look for specific errors based on your company’s stage. Pricing tiers are determined based on annual run rate and may be adjusted quarterly if you are a fast growing company. It’s recommended to keep your financial records saved in a place that you can come back and easily reference if you ever need to. With changing time, human requirements are also changing rapidly and with that the professional services are picking upwards. If you want to make your startup strong straight out of the gate, having your financials in order is a must.