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Bill com Review 2023: Pricing & Features

bill com review

Customer support could stand improvement, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons where managing payments are concerned. Both plans only allow users to manage their accounts payable or receivable, but not both. In order to manage both accounts payable and receivable, users must upgrade to the Corporate plan. This plan offers the same integrations as the Team plan, but users have access to a more robust financial management platform. If you use the provided default form, you complete it by selecting from drop-down lists and entering data in the given fields. There are three different templates that you can modify by adding or removing standard fields.

Does Bill Com have an approval process?

Bills are routed for approval and are ready to be paid when approved: This setting will ensure that Payers cannot pay a bill that has not been fully approved.

Those field options are as generous as those in most accounting websites. Invoices can include, for example, sales tax, discounts, and payments. You can add attachments and send completed forms via email or US mail. For a business that needs to both pay bills and receive payments, there is a plan that combines both.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about

Learn more about their products, features, and packages. The audit trail shows who edited the transaction, when it was edited, what field was affected, and what changes occurred. Having an audit trail helps in improving your business’ internal control and prevents employees from performing fraudulent acts.

A split screen opens with an image of the bill on the left and the site’s own default bill template on the right. Overview, Inbox, and Documents make up the first section. The next two sections are divided into Payables and Receivables. If a menu entry can link to multiple related pages, hovering over  it opens a submenu. For example, if you hover over Invoices, a submenu drops down containing links to Open Invoices, Recurring Invoices, and Credit Memos. The final section of the navigation pane includes links for reports and other miscellaneous screens, like support and expense management.

Product Overview

That apart, excellent product, support and Quickbooks Sync. I was prompted to sign up with Bill by a vendor that I work with. I did so and can’t figure out whether my invoices have been submitted or have been processed for payment.

bill com review is a reputable bill payment platform that helps businesses manage cash inflows and outflows with ease. The cloud-based software is AI-enabled and allows businesses to automate complex, back-office financial operations. Schedule and send payments by ACH, wire transfer, virtual card, and check.

BILL Reviews

I was referred here by a friend and I took the risk of transacting even when she said she only read the reviews too. If you spend all of your time in, it’s probably a great product. However, everything breaks down when you use any of their integrations. Both the Quickbooks Desktop and the merchant account interfaces to Vantage/Paytrace have so many bugs.

bill com review

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What reviewers want you to know

It brings together systems, documents, and people to simplify the process of paying bills, receiving payments on invoices, and keeping books up-to-date. The two higher tier plans include both the payables and receivables feature sets. Whichever plan you choose, offers a free trial of their software.

  • Approvers can swipe right to approve bills and swipe left to reject them.
  • has both iOS and Android companion apps that are surprisingly comprehensive, considering the complexity of the browser-based application.
  • Feature availability depends on whether you choose an accounts payable plan or an accounts receivable plan.

Thus, the collaboration between the provider, supplier, and client is easy and time-efficient. In addition, the solution is more than the basic AP/AR tool through its AI-powered automation system. With accounts payable, users can see their payments in and out in a single overview screen and sync with their accounting software to keep their books up to date. Users also have access to accounts payable on the mobile app from where they can perform key tasks, such as approving or paying bills on the go.

Reliable Mobile Apps

Click on the top link, Actions, and a menu of activities you can access directly from there drops down (Enter a bill, Send an invoice, and so on). All the other entries in this menu take you to the site’s main sections. If you can get through this sequence of actions, you can use

  • In this way, you can access all W-9 forms easily in the W-9 folder or access a specific W-9 by going to the vendor profile.
  • Even though I had already verified the account, it failed again and they said I needed to re-verify.
  • The lack of invoice customizations — as well as no estimates, time tracking, items lists, and project management — means this software isn’t going to be a good fit for just any business.
  • By walking you through the basic processes at the start, you learn how easy it is to comply with the workflow.
  • BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time.

However, if payments are still scheduled or pending approval, you can cancel them by clicking Cancel Payment. In the remittance screen, you’ll have the chance to review payment details like mailing address and email address. You can also add notes in the memo up to 80 characters.

If the BILL Virtual Assistant does not have an answer to your question, you can chose how you would like to engage. Select Request a callback to speak on the phone if you do not want to go thru chat. Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity.

bill com review

You can sign up for what calls “instant transfer” for which they’ll take 1% of the payment amount, but beware that to the word instant still means several days. I would advise anyone reading this to recommend to your client that they not use to pay you. If they insist, I would strongly reconsider taking the job. vs. Similar Products

The only things I found missing were some of the setup tools in the settings, like document templates and user roles. But the actual data entry and transaction pages translate well to the small screen. The apps are attractive and intuitive, requiring little time to learn if you’ve used the browser-based version. Each box in the grid contains a link labeled More actions (you can get to this from the list view, too). Open this drop-down menu, and you can select one of five entries there, depending on the content of the email. You can add it to an existing bill, vendor credit, or document; or you can enter a vendor credit or create a new document for an account, customer, vendor, and so on.